by Bethlem

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released October 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Bethlem Athens, Greece

Bethlem started in 2013 with Greg on guitar and vocals, and Xamobilly on drums, with Dimitris joining them a year later on the bass. They finished recording their first demo on August 2016 in their home studio, and with the addition of Panagiotis on guitar, they are working for their full lenght album. ... more

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Track Name: 0 mikron
Is this deduction of unparalled conceit
undeniable source of reaction
is silence burns underneath
a mere effort to pacify
these inermost desires
to reach a sense of serenity
the unatainable

Is there a place where as virtue holds
to question what is real
illusions (visions) that your mind creates
to nullify (justify) your fears
its where the whispers envelope screams
echoes throught these tainted walls
no escape but the radical
we re all inmates

Confined in this madness these thoughts lead astray
smothered in darkness, it all seems mundayne
how can you deviate when its costing in so much pain
Track Name: Phronima
Omens of revolt inform the opinion
promises retain their state no lessons learn
the common cause overshadowed by the process
while those of worth are repelled by disgust

This paradox becomes a frame for the wider picture
fine tuned instrument of self distrust
neglecting the momentum for revolution
resides within everyone
Track Name: Cobalt Blues
This is for those who wont just sit by
patiently waiting the advent of time
this is for those who feel the need
no truth as accepted right question they seek
this is for those who share the will to achieve

This is for those who follow no crowd
whose thoughts alone can shake the ground
a self righteous full a sheep, a kind,
the founser of laws, a call from within
grapevines them all and you are caught in between

Spreading division amongs us all,
united we stand, devided we fall (the higher they stand the harder the fall)

This is for those who refuse to stand in line
striving for freedom from all things that bind
a lesson to those prone to decline
pain you inflict to yourself
is of the worst kind
Track Name: Withered
Grave inception
Decisions made allong the way
gift of your deception
bile in a silver plate
thrown myself before ypu down
reduced to ash of what was pure
reality deceitful
on my own but not alone


So much for your intricate ways
open up your eyes
off with you and the rest of my hate
so much more to take

Innocence misguides you
You let your heart control ypur mind
obliged to make ypu suffer
by vigilence you are survived
amends are in order, How?
peace is what you need to find
now the dust is settled
time to see what s left behind